DPO Position for U.S. Citizens


Dynamic Positioning Operator U.S. Citizens ONLY Undisclosed - Raceland, LA 70394 Created on Jan 23, 2012
Dynamic Positioning Operator in GoM $1,000/Day for 6 month contract.
· Valid Unlimited Mate License
· Recommendation by Master/OIM or Rig Manager and supported by recent performance appraisal
· Valid medical examination
· Knowledge of basic technical calculations required for the safe operation of the marine aspect of the rig
· Basic computer skills
o Nautical Institute Unlimited DP Certificate
o NI Approved Basic/Advanced DP Course Certificates
o Radar observers certification with ARPA endorsement

Wouldn’t the recommendation show you have already done this and be plugged into those people already?

I am not ready for the golden prison yet.

[QUOTE=BMCSRetired;61488]I am not ready for the golden prison yet.[/QUOTE]

You certainly have that right. The only reason to have a DPO while drilling is to react when the shit hits the fan otherwise the software could do everything else. Never a truer adage 99% sheer boredom with 1% of sheer terror!

Being latched up SUCKS but one sells their nautical soul for that piece of silver and that goes as much for a master as a DPO yet the master doesn’t have to sit in front of that infernal console for 6 hours every day year after year, but we do have to be ready to jump in front of it during that horrible 1%.

Effing world of drilling…

Seems like pretty good money for something in the Gulf ( I assume)… What’s wrong with the rig…

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I’d be curious to know about this one. I reside in the next town over from Raceland and I dont know of any drilling company, or employment agency there.

If anyone does take the bait on this one, hopefully they will post something.