DP Centre introduces refresher training concept

Dynamic Positioning (DP) operations are complex and hazardous and require correct and consistent training so as to minimise the potential for complacency and to enhance personal skills.

As DP systems and operations continue to grow in complexity and scope, the industry is demanding the need for continuous DP training, the need for maintaining DP operators skill in dealing with emergency situations and keeping up to date with the latest DP technology and equipment.

For this reason the DP Centre in the UK has developed and is offering a ‘DP Refresher course.’

The course will address the need to brush up on skills not often used by DP operators and maintain their proficiency.

“We have designed a 2.5 day course to provide an update to the participant’s knowledge of the principles of DP vessels, DP operations and DP emergencies taking into account recent developments and new IMCA guidelines,” said a spokesperson for the DP Centre.

The course will be generic and will include principles of the most popular DP systems in the industry. The participants will get to review and discuss the recent DP incidents, their causes and ways to minimise the potential of repeat occurrences.

The course will include updated information of the classification society rules and IMCA guidelines for DP operations and DP vessels.

There will be a review of the power management system, propulsion system and position reference system.

The course will reinforce the procedures for setting up a DP system, planning and conduction DP operations and assessment and contingency planning.

The participants will be required to prove through simulator exercises that they are able to recognise and respond to the various alarms, warning and information messages and should also be able to react correctly in any circumstances which
have, or could, lead to catastrophic failure.

“The course can be considered as an extension to the DP Advanced and the formal on board training programmes and is aimed at DP operators who have had four years experience since completion of a DP Advanced course or a DP Refresher course.”

“This course could also benefit DP operators who have been away from DP operations for more than six months or are going to engage in more demanding or higher risk operations,” said the company.

This makes me wonder if it will eventually become a requirement to attend this class every so many years to maintain a DPO cert!

As long as you are working your cert should stay valid.
I can see a refresher becoming required if you spend a lot of time away from the desk.
Then again, its kind of like riding a bike…