DP Revalidation CPD New Requirements - 11 April 2023

The Nautical Institute works with Industry Stakeholders who recognise the importance of the mandatory CPD for the DPOs and DPVMs for their DP Certificate revalidation to improve their DP knowledge through a systematic approach to continuing professional development.

The Nautical Institute revalidation requirements will help reduce skill fade and help continuously upgrade skills to provide for safer DP Operations.

The Nautical Institute mandatory CPD requirements are in place from 1st January 2024. The DPOs and DPVM certificate holders must complete and demonstrate CPD during the five-year period of their certificate validity.

The NI has developed a timeline information graphic for DPOs and DPVM certificate holders. Please check which year your certificate is due for renewal and what CPD modules and courses you require.

The current list of accredited CPD suppliers can be found on our Accredited Training Centres page.

Our FAQs can be found in our Information Centre.


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Only took the NI 3 months to make this big public announcement for a change in policy they made in January.

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I made a thread on this a couple of months ago (linked below).

Some of this is a good thing and some of it bad.

I think the exam requirement might be a good thing as it might weed out the people from places with corrupt education systems who might have fraudulent qualifications if they can’t pass the exam.

The CPD bit sounds like it might just be another money spinner for training centers. Unless there is actually new stuff that people are learning, which seems unlikely as there are not that many new developments in DP. It will more likely just be repeating the same topics over and over.

A lot of maritime training seems not very necessary, but more of it is created because people who make money from training are friends with regulators who make the rules.

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its was meant to be a money spinner for a certain organisation but once the NI members found out they cried foul. So the proposed monopoly was removed.

The other important thing is it will force all DPO’s back into the classroom as there are possibly about 12,000 that have never done any exam so the skill set is unknown

PS if CPD was important then all deck and engine officers would also be doing it for their tickets right??

Ever meet a doctor or dentist that had to go back for training?

Doctors and dentists in the UK all have regulated CPD programs.

However - all depends on the quality of the CPD. Simply going over and over initial DP training notes on an app will not achieve anything.

From the 1st January 2024 every DP officer with 150 days sea time revalidating their DPO or DPVM certificates will have to:

  1. Have evidence of engagement with a DP CPD programme
  2. Take a nautical Institute online exam.

​Where a DP officer does not have evidence of engagement with a DP CPD programme then a full Nautical Institute DP refresher and competency assessment course must be taken before certificate can be revalidated.

At Keelson we believe that CPD is the ISM of crew competence. That is, we think the provision of CPD should rest with the company. A such our DP CPD programme is primarily aimed at companies investing in the process for their DP personnel and includes live BI reporting interfaces and bespoke packages. Individual DP practitioners can however enrol independently of their employer [(click here)]


wow, a step forward for the NHS, seems to have been running for 10 years.

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for some doing their first exam it will be an upgrade.
That applies to many instructors as well who have unknown skill sets.

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