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Hi Chief,

Yes you can view all your bookmarked pages in one place from within your user profile. Here’s the fastest way to access that page:

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That’s it. Thanks!

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I’m gradually working my list of unread threads down from over 1,000 to now at exactly 500. I’m reminiscing reading through some old good conversations too.


I now have no more unread threads and I’ve reread some great conversations in the process.

One of my favorites is the thread where the dude thinks of he’s a deckhand (or even a passenger) on a vessel whole holding a 100 ton master license he’s somehow liable in an accident.

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hello… first of all , i want to say that i am new here in this web site … )) and thanks for your interesting posts

gcaptain doesn’t show up on discourse app.

It does for me. I’m on it right now.