Done at last

After 30 plus years I have departed ECO. It seems to me that the once practical open door policy has disappeared. At one time principals not personalities ruled but since The company has become so very large it is impossible for the 3rd floor to manage employment placement. This is an indication of how much the fleet has grown in the past 30 plus years, certainly an indication of the success Gary and family have achieved. It seems we have become pawns to some of the personnel on the 2nd floor. People that have never worked on a vessel and to this day seldom set foot on one are making decisions based on personalities not principals. So be it. When I went to work for Gary all I was promised was a fare days wage for a fare days work. We both have honored that agreement. I leave satisfied.

Hell I only lasted 2 1/2!

Well traitor if you left i am sure its for a far better situation. Equal time, office, whats the general consensus ok why folks are leaving these days?

I was hot to work there one time in my life and may or not may have for a little while, but Mr. Nicky’s attitude the few times I met him just sealed that deal. How many good mariners have declined just for that reason alone? Couldn’t stand the whole koolaid taste.

Something to be said for working under management that has more sea-time than years I’ve been alive.

I imagine that was a hard decision to come too. I hope that you are able to look ahead to new opportunities with happiness and optimism.
I went to ECO from a small, well run company. After two years I knew that I had to move on… I sure wished the little tug company could match my pay because I’d be back there pdq.
Safe travels!

Hey z-drive you work for ECO for 38 years and you may have the opportunity to critique the company situation. Hang in there and one day you might get out of the galley and work on deck.

Yeah whats the deal? Enquiring minds want to know.

all I can say is Bravo Zulu to you sir…you have taken a brave step but one that we all know too well to be a necessary one

I hope you end up in a much better place but doubt any of the other Bayou Mafia companies will provide you that…other than perhaps Adriatic or Jackson? Surely there must be one OMSA company that is stand-up for their mariners? Anyone?

Jackson is prolly a good pick. Heard good things about Rigdon when they were around. Many stayed with GulfMark, which isn’t bad despite its flaws. Everyone’s got 'em. I’m happy most of the time. Pay is up there now. Decent equipment. More laid back than some of the larger companies. They haven’t stood up for us with crew change though.

[QUOTE=Traitor Yankee;134586]Hell I only lasted 2 1/2![/QUOTE]

Duh, yeah, you gots ta swallow the coolaid dood. Can’t just swish it around and spit it out.

Yeah they really prefer if you swallow.

Schedule, and the offices attitude about me wanting a different schedule. I got hired for even time there and essentially got the bait and switch. Got to the point of diminishing returns for staying there and continuing to wake up wanting to brush my teeth with a glock.

What kind of guy doesn’t?

And by “you”…(she)

Not looking for work guys. Trying to straighten out my back swing. Too much fade

I’m sitting in ECO waiting room right now, Getting Cold feet after reading the above posts, I’m willing too sacrifice at 28/14 witch would be 28/11 because of travel time for a year max anymore than that no way I’ve got a family and life!

Well, depending on your experience and tickets, it may be just the deal for you…

Everyone has to decide whether to swallow, swish or spit sooner or later.

And just remember, if you take the best and give your best at each job, you will always find another good one when the time is right. Have no fear.

Some perspective. Unlimited master ticket, master of towing, First Class Pilot currently working as one. I dock and undock unlimited tonnage for a living.

You guys are making more money!

Have good benefits!

More time off!

With the exception of certain drilling jobs the OSV gig is the best deal going especially if you consider there will always be a need. we are starting to see the semi subs and some drill ships go off charter but the Cajun navy is still running strong.

Grass is always greener.

Be sure to apply to Hornbeck Offshore as well if you want to be on an even time rotation. I think I can count on one hand the boats I know of that have some of the crew working 2 for 1.

Im asking for equal time at ECO if I get it great if not ill do 2/1 for a year to get some experience and then try HOS for equal time.

Eventually they will get the idea that more and more mariners want equal time and wont work for them unless they get it… Or maybe they wont care.

They won’t care…

[QUOTE=KrustySalt;134674]They won’t care…[/QUOTE]

That’s right, they don’t care. Because there is no shortage of mariners that can pass the physical and that are eager to drink thei kool aid.