Does exporting LNG from the United States make sense?

The US has been spending the past 50 years trying to develop local resources in to support the energy demand here, while at the same time, importing an extraordinary amount of foreign oil from the Middle East. Now that we found the “gas” we were looking for trapped in the Appalachian mountains within the Marcellus Shale, we’re throwing a fit about the apparent environmental dangers inherent to “fracking” and then looking to sell this natural gas to foreign countries once we get it.

Meanwhile, places like West Africa, continue to flare off an EXTRAORDINARY amount of gas into the atmosphere, forever wasted.

I realize that we’re building FLNG plants that will harvest this gas instead of waste it, but in all seriousness, how much is the United States investing in infrastructure to take advantage of this resource?

Europe and SE Asia seem to be figuring this one out already…

(Please note, this post is my personal opinion, and not that of gCaptain)

It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to make money.If you start thinking things need to make sense you are sliding down the road toward insanity.