Diego Garcia

A local coaster from Northern Norway, the MS Nordvaer, built in Hamburg in 1958 and originally trading between Trondheim and Lofoten with cargo and up to 10 passengers ended up as part of the story about the establishment of the US Base at Diego Garcia.

Here is a link to the article I found about her exploits in the Indian Ocean: http://www.chagos.org/nordvaer.htm#1a

I also found some pictures of Nordvaer on this website: http://www.zianet.com/tedmorris/dg/1968.html
It tells the story of the first Americans to land on Diego Garcia and the Nordvaer being their lifeline.

Here is Nordvaer at the Plantation Pier on Diego Garcia:

Ready to leave with the people displaced from the island:

Sailing away, heading back to Port Victoria, Mahe Island in the Seychelles:

Note that the name is still spelled the Norwegian way, but the flag and home port has changed. (From Bodo to Port Victoria, Seychelles)
Pictures courtesy of Kirby Crawford.

Ugh, Diego… home of hunks ‘n drunks or loose American women haunting the Brit Club.

No thanks.

No, it is home to the people you see on the deck of Nordvaer, who had to give way to the people you describe.