Dental Certificates?

A nice young office person at a potential new employer requested that I provide a “dental certificate.” When I asked: How much of an exam is required and what is it suppose to say? She had no idea. My dentist has no idea either?

How much of an examination does this typically require? Xrays? CT scan? Or just routine cleaning and quick peek? What magic words are employers typically looking for in this “dental certificate”?

I assume something in dentist lingo that means: “This guy will not need to be medivaced to have a rotten tooth yanked out, and you won’t need to divert your ship at enormous expense.”

Here’s some catchy phrases for ya:

Seafarers must be dentally fit as, other than
temporary pain relief, there is no dental treatment
aboard ship. Dental abscesses or severe gingivitis
presents a high risk. Seafarers with impacted
wisdom teeth may need dental review.

I confirm that Mr/Ms… does not require any treatment and is dentally fit for sea duty yada yada…