Deep Sea Union vs Oil Industry Wages 2022+

Oil world is feast or famine. Many union guys left unions for big $$$ in the oil patch 10-15 years ago.

Union deep sea at the good companies is more consistent and fairly high pay with capt/chief usually over $200k.

What do ya’ll think it will be like this time?

I’d think shorter rotations had a lot to do with it too?

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The number of guys who never showed back up deep sea I think speaks to this. I joined the union after the crash and the mass return from the oilfield never materialized except for a few guys.

Many permanent 1A/E and chiefs in deep sea are doing 10 weeks on/off rotations now, it seems.

I was told 2016-2019 the halls got full of dudes bailing back to the union from the oil patch. All hearsay, though.

I know of only one who came back to the union from the oil patch. Even when things went and took a turn the ones who left said they didn’t want to go back to sitting in the hall.