Deactivated Training Ships' Future

Just curious to hear all the scuttlebutt on what will become of the various current training ships as they gradually become deactivated during the course of the new NSMV’s being rolled out one by one.

It certainly seems likely that the Empire State and the Kennedy will go to Brownsville to become razor blades, given their age and their propulsion systems, but I have no basis for saying that other than purely anecdotal evidence. I would be glad to hear what anyone more well informed than myself has to say on the matter.

What of the Tanner and the Maury (i.e. State of Maine and Golden Bear)? Their future is perhaps somewhat less clear. Will they go direct to the scrap heap with the Empire State and the Kennedy? Or will they possibly sit in a reserve fleet somewhere for a while awaiting emergency activation for a hurricane or some similar humanitarian disaster? If so, which reserve fleet will they go to? Will they be cold stacked? Warm stacked? What will be their fate? What of Texas’ ship?

Just thought it would be interesting to have a collective discussion about all the ships soon to go out of service, since they’re all going out of service at almost the same time.

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It’s already razor blades dude.


Yep, they cut the bow off within days of it arriving in Texas.


I saw the Empire state towed into Brownsville, dang they work fast. The Texas, General Rudder, was towed to the reserve fleet over in Corpus as far as I know.

I thought the front just fell off?


Outside the environment?


In the other environment.


Well, the Chauvenet (Texas Clipper II) got pulled out of mothballs pretty fast and is in service as the Pacific Collector. Considering how much of her was parts scrabbled together from the Harkness during her training ship days, I’d say there’s probably a good chance the Tanner and Maury do something similar considering how much better shape they were in from day one.

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Oh come on . There is nothing there !!! only “sea , birds and fish” !! and …20 000 tons of crude oil.


What is the nature of the Pacific Collector’s work?

Tracking and Telemetry ships,


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Just imagine me doing air quotes right now… “important and secret stuff”

They’re part of the whole Pacific Missile Test Range tracking thing is about the only info I’ve been able to get.

“Well, cardboard is out, cardboard derivatives”