D-Day: Some Never Forget

Here is a link to a French Flickr site containing several hundred D-Day photographs with detailed captions (In French).

Two warnings: not for the faint of heart, and you can spend a lot of time there.



It won’t be too many more years before all of the WW2 Vets will be gone.

I had an Uncle who was on Normandy Beach and a shell went off a little too close to him.
What I remember most was his loading up the dogs and cats and headed out into the country on the Holiday Weekends when everyone was shooting fireworks. He just couldn’t be around those events.


Around second 0:08 you can see American forces trying to outflank the German’s left flank, and get behind them. They almost succeed by 0:09, but the Germans retreat too fast. You experts out there–was this enveloping moment planned before D-day, or exploited while the campaign transpired, or am I reading this wrong?