Curtin Maritime

Anybody know anything about Curtin looks like they got some boats taken care of and get good contracts.

Their fleet has grown a lot over the last couple years. They have a few old kirby boats in addition to some new in house rebuilds. Lots of dredging/construction work, but they also pick up some long distance tows. Not sure how busy they are these days or how much of their work is steady. At the very least they would be a great place to get experience.

I’ve heard mixed reviews. My takeaway is that they have great vessels and equipment, and that they get every contract they go after, so they may indeed be a great place to gain experience and make a buck, but that the work is all “on call” without any steady rotation. A captain friend of mine works there and says he likes it. Another captain friend said he was promised the world but then promptly let go when the big project he was on was finished. Two ABs I know have worked there and said they were treated poorly and would never go back. I’ve considered applying, but to me Curtin seems like more of a job than a career despite their nice boats and seemingly steady work. Just my $0.02.

Stay away!