Cruise ship news

Oh what a beauty!! Is it an amusement park w/shopping and hotel facilities??:

Now the ugliness must have reached a peak:

But there are two more in the (delaid) pipeline:

Smaller is better:

A market of 1.4 Billion makes a big lure for many, including the Cruise lines:

It is also the last untapped market for Chinese shipbuilders. So far Chinese yards have built small cruise ships and large ferries of foreign design for foreign operators. (A few river cruisers and large ferries of local designed for the Chinese market)

PS> Large cruise ships have so far been an almost exclusive market for European yards.


Cape Horn is still a dangerous place to sail, even for modern ships:

Viking Polaris was delivered from VARD Søviknes as late as Sept. this year.
Designed and built specifically for Arctic/Antarctic expeditions, with Polar Class 6 hull:

Seen here on sea trails just outside the building yard before delivery:

No rough waves here.

BROKEN WINDOWS: Viking Polaris, anchored after the incident. Here on 1 December in the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Ushuaia in Argentina. Photo: ALEXIS DELELISI / AFP

Source: Dødsulykke på «Viking Polaris» - VG

FYI: The Viking Polaris is registered in NIS.