Crowley Am Liberty

It’s on an S series camless engine, typically running 105 rpm at 90%MCR. Efficiency takes a back burner to schedule.

I double checked the manual for the ME after my last post and the phrase that shows on the MOP is “Speed Ramp”. We have two speed ramps, one that is within the main automation (above full ahead) and one that is within MAN’s automation (within the maneuvering range). I’m sure that MAN has the ability to program the speed ramps to tune it to the specific engine and prop combination.

I’ll have to try and remember to ask my MAN contact next time I see him, though it might be a few months.

This dude here obviously has zero clue how the river works… if you “let the tug go too early” as your saying, that means you WONT make the turn and you will inevitably shoot across the river.

Comes down to speed, you need speed to drive out of a flank after making a turn like this. :man_shrugging:

Anyone have an update on what actually caused the accident to happen?