Covid-19 and cruise ships

Don’t know. Nothing said about that anywhere (so far)
He was 90 years old, so there are many other possibilities as well.

Not all cruse passengers are dissatisfied with their cruise experience.

I know, Greedy cruise company should not “force” their guests to pay for repatriation of the crew.


Idle Cruise ships put to good use in Singapore, where foreign workers are the most affected to Coronavirus infection:

PS> Star Cruises belongs to Genting Holdings, HK.
Same as Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

Seadream 1 that has been in layup here in Aalesund these last weeks is likely going to be the first to re-start cruising:

Initially she will only be visiting destination in Norway. First cruise is scheduled to start from Bergen 20.June, Additional 7- and 12-day cruises will start from Oslo and Bergen and cover ports as far north as Tromsø, but will also include Aalesund, Geiranger and Olden in this district.
Whether there will be foreign pax and, if so, from which countries, is not stated in the article in today.

She belongs to SeaDream Yacht Club, a company in the Atle Blystad sphere and come in the high end of the luxury cruise class.
She has a crew of 95 and can take up to 116 Pax, but this will be reduced for this first cruise.

Looks like the Chines cruise line Astro Ocean Cruises is also planning to resume cruising soon.
Their only ship, ex P&O’s Oceana, has been refurbished to suite the Chinese market and is being crewed up: