Couple Lost at Sea for 28 Days Was Slammed by 60 Foot Wave

Interesting story about a couple who were recently lost at sea.

It seems like there might be some missing information in their story, it doesn’t say how they actually managed to get back to land, I don’t think a yacht like that would have enough fuel for 28 days so they must have been rescued somehow.

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sorry to interrupt but I hope you will excuse me for one moment please

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No EPIRB ? Maybe they should buy an RV and see the Grand Canyon


His name is Sven, He’s a Viking, lets head out across the Caribbean with 0 experience.

Just after getting struck by a 60’ wave, she wrote a 3-4 page letter, impressive penmanship in such conditions.

they were in a water spout for an hour?

There is a longer interview with them linked below, they weren’t actually lost at sea for 28 days, it was a 28 day voyage which included a port call in the Bahamas. I think Inside Edition sensationalized their story.

Not their fault! Nobody warned them about that stupid Gulf Stream :unamused:

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I tend to exit water spouts quickly, if you spend an hour spinning in circles you will be puking all over the place.

60-foot wave in a waterspout, with quasi no fetch!
Did they confound the wave’s length with the height?

Surrounded by waterspouts, the first thing to do is taking down and fixing the sails…

Everything on that show is sensationalized. It’s like Facebook on TV. It’s so dumb, it’s almost like a parody TV show. I would insult its audience but I’m ashamed to say I seen this when it aired. My wife likes to watch that silly show & I watch it with her sometimes to take a break after a long day. The 2 things I took away from watching the clip is the husband didn’t say a word, poor fellow. And if it was that bad they would of had their life jackets on & not shirtless making Facebook videos.


Meanwhile, a man sits at the dock, a whisp of white hair caked with salt to his forehead, surveying the wreckage that was once a proud sailing yacht. He’s had his sails shredded by a water spout, been pitch poled and unmasted by an actual 60 footer, faced starvation and narrowly made it back under a jury rig. He absent mindedly considers the damage while his gaze seeks back to the horizon, towards the place where hellacious fury laid waste to his pride and joy. No reporter thinks to ask him about it, and if they did, they would only catch a glint of steel in his eyes that says: “No words could possibly describe…”


Do you think the media would sensationalize a story?

That’s the problem with “recreational boating”. No experience, training or even brains needed, just fire it up. Try to mention having a required course or having to get a permit and you’ll get flamed by the same folks who want somebody to rescue them when they “go where no man should ever go”.

Not so everywhere. Even for recreational boating there are minimum knowledge requirements in most developed countries:
Here is the requirements in EU countries and Norway:

Study on the License Requirements for Pleasure Boats in the …

Singapore has similar requirement:
Powerabout can elaborate here.

Not 100% true anymore. Anyone born after a certain year needs a boating safety course. (not that it is very hard).
My son did that and did a hands-on course with Boston Whalers our local club ran that was actually pretty fun.
I also discovered that to charter a boat in the EU I need some pretty expensive course that is kind of a PITA to get in the USA. They don’t like any of our ratings from the USA over there. They really laugh at USCG licenses, they consider them paper exercises with no proof of competence at all.

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