Coronavirus Worst Crisis For Seafarers in 200 Years

From the Article:

“The charity says it has given out an average of 16 times more welfare grants to seafarers and their families every month since the crisis began, compared to last year. Many of these are as a direct result of seafarers being unable to work and suddenly plunged into poverty due to the pandemic.”

I didn’t even know there was a charity that specializes in giving financial support to mariners down on their luck?

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also Apostleship of the Sea, Seaman’s Mission… many others. Seafarers have often been a recognised vulnerable population throughout history. I think your Jone’s Act an example of a government coming to recognise it.

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I always truly appreciated volunteers in deep sea ports who offered to drive the crew in vans to seamen’s clubs that provided phone services before cell phones were a thing and to stores where we could all shop for needed items.


Read a story about a guy I think was in Port Arthur or some where near there. Had a kazillion miles on his van, some how the powers that be donated and bought him a new van. Been a few years ago, maybe someone on here remembers that. Great story about a great guy that gave a shit and took us all where we needed to go. Not sure what group he was with,if any.

Father Paul, the port chaplain for the area around Milford Haven. Came to fetch us at all hours and changed our money at a fair rate.

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I used to do that with my company car when I was a tech rep. I’d always offer a lift away from the terminal. The mariners just had to cab it back.