A Sailor's Rant

A sailor’s rant that many here may agree with:


Sailors have always been treated this way no matter the century. :disappointed:

My understanding is that, at least in the US, they currently are listed as “critical infrastructure workers” by the Department of Homeland Security. This may only apply to US citizens though

For the US, the USCG published a list of Marine Transportation System workers considered essential. Merchant Mariners top that list. See MSIB 11-20, https://www.dco.uscg.mil/Featured-Content/Mariners/Marine-Safety-Information-Bulletins-MSIB/

Another “rant” from a seafarer that just spent 5 months at seas (or at least on board ship):

(Copied from Maasmond News Clippings today)

Many held on cruises ship with no pay are powerless to rant, afraid of retaliation

USA Today: Twenty-two cruise ships are moored and another 39 are anchored in U.S. ports, the U.S. Coast Guard reports. They have a combined 39,900 crew aboard. Another 40 cruise ships are underway in U.S. waters with about 30,400 crew members on board.

Some drastic measures are taken to get home:

While some has reached “home” but is not allowed ashore just yet:

So far 20 cruise ships have congregated in Manila Bay and more are expected to arrive with Filipino crews from cruise ships stranded around the world.

The cruise lines have the modes of transportation to get these people home. Instead, they insist on butting heads with the CDC so they can dump them in the US. It’s all about not wanting to spend the money to do the right thing.


That sucks how the mariners are treated, no matter what country they are from. Put the owners on the ships and live a few days like their employees. Bailout? Kiss my hiney after wiping with my two ply Amazon toilet paper.

Looks like they HAVE used those modes. How do you think 5000 Pinoys on more than 20 Cruise ship got to Manila Bay??

I agree. They should not have to spend weeks on board ships to get home when they could be transported from the ships in port to the airport and than home in 24 hrs. or less. (If that was allowed, that is)

Sounds like they are not treated too bad on the ships. (But they are still not home with their families)

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Now, my second chuckle of the day. Pink? You guys are awesome!

There are still 80,000 of many nationalities stranded on ships that are not moving.

There are about 500 or so sitting in Portsmouth on the 3 NWL ships. Hope the grub is good and the pay is getting in their mailbox. Berthing money is adding up.

You got a problem with pink?

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No, no problem with pink, or particular liking for that colour.

Actually the joke comes from Australia in the very early 1970s, when the Roughnecks on a rig in Bass Strait was said to have gone on strike because there were no “Double Pink Tissue” supplied in the toilets.

No guarantee that the story is true, but they went to strikes for everything in Oz at the time.

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