Containership sunk in harbour!

This happened, in port of algeciras spain, weight of containers were wrong, so chargo plans, the ship position didn’t came little by little, there were two cranes working in that litle ship in one moment it lost its stability, and the dockers that were on board had to jump out as well as the crew…
AP Maersk Terminal. port of Algeciras 11 juni 2012, name of the ship Deneb., (1994/3,992gt, 508TEU), During Loading, 3 people wounded, in the water. Deneb continued to heel, and two days later she had completely rolled over, being about 50% submerged. Salvage Company Svitzer were hired to right her and began operations by removing containers from the vessel.


That should prove the need for IMO’s VGM rule, as discussed in another thread.