Container Shipping News

Mini multimodal:

TEU capacity not stated.

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Just over 300 TEU capacity separate #1 and #5.

Ever Alot? As in “that’s alot of containers?”


War is good for container shipping business:

PS> But longer transit time add to the cost per container.

I suspected that the Houthis Suez Route disruption would be very very profitable for shipping.

Record number of new container ships delivered in 2023:

This year is predicted to see an even larger fleet increase:

Shakeup in the container shipping alliance system:

PR or propaganda stow… Quite impressive is it not???

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Lidl is a brand name not normally associated with shipping:

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“Astrid Mærsk” on a trial trip the other day outside Busan, Korea:

Both photos: Jan Plug

PS> It doesn’t state the type of charter, but one MAY assume Bare Boat Charter.(??)

Container port ranking

Want to know more?
Here is a list of the 25 busies Container ports in the World, w/details on each port: