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To paraphrase an old saying; “Never so bad that it isn’t good for somebody”:

One of my first thoughts about the Houthi induced Red Sea crisis was the container lines were going to make COVID era profits off it all over again.

Now that the Houthi’s have demonstrated that the US Navy is no match for them, the Red Sea Crisis will only get worse.

And no, I don’t think the 2024 US election will change much, not matter who wins.

Here MAY be a reason why the rate on the Far East - Europe route hasn’t shot up to Pandemic levels:

Or this:

The ONE MODERN inbound for Singapore. Photo : Hans Semeins o/b Coral Acropora (c)

PS> She MAY be arriving near empty to Singapore because of scheduled docking

“We are excited to develop our U.S. market footprint through these long-term time charters with such a reputable partner,” said EPS CEO Cyril Ducau.

The good times (for some) are back in container shipping:

Familiar sight.

Keppel Terminal in it’s prime:

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How the world’s container ports has developed in the period from 1970 - 2021 is an eye opener and tells a lot about how world trade has changed in that same period:

Good times are here again (for box ship Owners):