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US Congress is trying to enforce their laws on the world of shipping:

Although a Fact finding Investigation by FMC find; "Vigorous’ Competition in Container Shipping:

Predictably the WSC does not agree with this unilateral and extraterritorial decisions affecting how world shipping is conducted:

Shipping is an international activity governed by international laws and treaties, not by individual nation states. National jurisdiction ends at their borders and 12 n.miles from the base line.
So does the legislative power of the Parliament/Congress elected within a single entity.

Of course any nation state can refuse entry to their ports to any foreign flag vessel, but it is likely to be met with reciprocal action from other other countries, making world trade almost impossible.
It has been tried before, with disastrous consequences.

PS> Likewise, any shipping company can refuse to serve any port(s) if they find it unprofitable, or involving too much interference with “freedom of shipping”.

The latest:

Things looks better for container shipping:

Scrapping is thus not as likely as forecast:

Newbuilding orders are still being placed:


So who are going to operate the cranes when it is no longer done by “Shanghai Telephone Heavy Industries” and the Longshoremen are on strike?

ZPMC has had problems with software before.
With the crane on the Heavy Lift Crane ship Lan Jiang, blt. 2001:

The 3800 MT AmClyde crane made on license by ZPMC had a problem with the the Italian made software installed. Apparently it did not understand Chinese ,or American English.

PS> ZPMC overcame the problem by developing their own software (and crane design)

Container shipping is very much influenced by the political climate on both sides of the Pacific.
Besides, the 2024 campaign is already in full swing and “everybody” want to appear tough on China and to stand up for US business against “greedy foreign shipping lines”.

PS> I didn’t hear the fat lady sing.

Orders are placed for methanol fueled Container feeders at Chinese yard:

Container Art.
The famous Rotterdam based soccer club Feyenoord became “Lands kampioen” in The Netherlands last Sunday:

Which was also celebrated by Maersk as seen left and right with the container in the figure FEY onboard the VUOKSI MAERSK in the port of Rotterdam:

Container shipping is in the crosshairs of a superpower tussle that could divide the world and reshape trading networks:

Those with long memories may remember when the selling point for container lines was speed.
In the 1970s container ships sailed at 20-24 kts.:

Source: The evolution of container ships and their sizes - Largest container ships

ONE has found a blank spot:

Source: ONE’s latest boxship features extra container bay  - Splash247

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West Coast dockers conflict has been settled. Here is the cost to consumers:

Anybody looking for a job requiring minimum of studies for maximum of pay?:

For comparison:

Back to normal?:

More mega ships joining the fleet:

Spotted near Shanghai, 2 newbuilding units for CMA CGM The CMA CGM BUZIOS en CMA CGM BAHIA. Photo: Hans Semeins o/b Coral Acropora ©

Note the construction of the bow shield: