Container Shipping News

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve and is it felt far outside China.
Chinese New Year brings bad news as blank sailings soar:

PS> Secondhand containership prices for further trading are also in free fall after the slowdown (post #79)

What a difference a year can make:

Free market forces at work:

“Container Art”?:

Make sense when heading into wind and with full deck load.
Does it work as a sail when sailing downwind and without deck load?

Which means more midsize but newer ships heading for layup and older ships heading for the breakers. (??)

The ports will feel the market changes as well:

And then the falling market for container shipping starts to bite:

New trade routes opening up despite sanctions and market crash:

How long before the major container lines find it cheaper to layup ships than sail them half loaded, or at a loss because of low rates?:

It’s new too early to prepare for Christmas:

MSC is in the news today, but for all the wrong reasons:

Growing pain??:

ZIM withdraws China – Los Angeles loop:

Ocean Alliance could be next to go after 2M: analyst