Container crane price

These are usualy made in Asia.Anyone have an idea of the price of one for loading ore at the rate of 3 000 tons per hour and moving along a 225 meter ship? has listed 3 ZPMC post Panamax cranes for sale from PIT terminals for 50k apiece. 65 to 75 ton. Also parts. Buyer to remove from site. According to article, worth 600k apiece. They just got some giant ass cranes to replace them to handle 20k+ TEU units.

Great.I din’t think of used ones.Thanks

Confusing!! Are you looking for Container STS Gantry cranes or ship loaders for ore In bulk?

In any case, the right place to look is probably ZMPC. They are major suppliers of all kinds of cranes, ship loaders and unloaders etc. They have sales and service offices all over the world, incl. in the US_

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Thanks for the heads up Bug. ZPMC were the builders. Typo on the “X”. Have corrected that. There are three other cranes that are in not the best repair for sale at a later date. Article is in the “Virginian Pilot” at Original poster head line was “Container crane price”.

Ship loader for bulk ore.Thanks for the information.I will contac ZPMC USA.