Collision With Container Ship Cuts Greek Minesweeper Kallisto in Half

The container ship was ordered to return to Piraeus pending an investigation. The ship’s captain has been arrested.

Bloody good compartmentalisation on there.


Miracle nobody was killed.

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Tboned on the port side does not bode well for the container ship where fault is concerned. Very good news that no one died.

Red means stop.

Do we know for sure that the minesweeper was hit on the port side? Could have been more damage on the stbd side, causing more water ingress there.

I haven’t seen any info one way or another.

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Regardless of the list empirical evidence points to a port side hit. Deformation of the collapsed deck and damage to the stack are consistent with that observation, IMO.

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Yep, that’s what I figure too, but it’s good to check that we’re not all making an assumption :slight_smile:


According to the Greek Coast Guard, the “Maersk Launceston” initially sailed at 16 knots, but reduced to 5 knots shortly before the collision. Chaving off 11 knots is quite something. If this is true than they saw it coming already for some time.

Quite a crew.

Rob Hoole the first CO of the former HMS Berkeley tweeted:

Happier days with a bittersweet memento.


The ‘USS John S. McCain’ was hit on her portside, the ‘USS *Fitzgerald’ on her starboard side.
Did this say something about the final responsibility?


Until more details come out, no.

Is not a container ship considered a “Hampered Vessel?”

Can’t find “Hampered Vessel” in the COLREGS

Minesweeper engaged in minesweeping operations sure is though :woozy_face:

Generally hampered by the idiot driving it.


By the looks of it the ship was T-boned at the starboard side.

According to reports, HS Kallisto was coming out of the port when the cargo ship, identified as Portuguese-flagged Maersk Launcheston, collided with its stern resulting in a a major damage and inflow of water.

No real information yet about the circumstances under which the collision took place. Not even a smart phone video this time.

That mean looking bulbous bow didn’t help either…

We can’t yet assume the minesweeper was hit on the port side. The stack leaning to starboard could indicate a reaction to a hard hit on that side. Plus water ingress to starboard giving a starboard list.

According to this day old report, contrary to earlier reports, the container ship captain has not been arrested.

After looking at the photo again, that thought occurred to me. Would like to see the stbd side damage. It almost looks like clean breakoff on the port side. Seems like if it hit on port side it would be stove in a bit more. So much early reporting is not reliable. I’m sure the crews of both vessels are being interviewed as we speak. Again, glad no one was killed.

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Thx Dutchie, the way that deck plate is pushed over looks like a hit on port side. We won’t know until the interviews are leaked/revealed… Lee brought up an interesting point. Still hard to tell, steel has a funny way of bending. Amazing they were able to tow the forward part after all that damage.