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Yeah well I’d tell them this - if they go the unlicensed route instead and play games with a younger officer on watch or at a mooring station, just keep your bags packed. You won’t be around long.

At the schools they should be better than anyone at forging ahead and dealing with bullshit. When they display gross insubordination or complain openly about having to follow the regulations or orders from folks above them it really discredits their military resume, in my eyes.

Some learn to shut up and blend in, leading to successful completion of the program, others get themselves singled out and destroyed. There was one older grad license student at SUNY around 2009-2011 period who was former Navy, a Corpsman during the Gulf War era. Massive muscle head from Bushwick who liked to openly disrespect everyone and thought he could have his way around the school. Long story short, he didn’t survive. The weight of three whole classes of cadets who hate you instead of regarding you as someone experienced to look up to drove his ass out the front gate. He was never missed.

I got my ticket off my cg seatime too. How much seatime do you have? What’s your rate and have you ever had your underway QMOW or EOW letter?<–Can be on a WPB, doesn’t seem to matter for the NMC.

I know they tell you this a lot but ORDER YOUR ‘TRANSCRIPT OF SEA SERVICE’ BEFORE YOU PROCESS. If it were me (hell it was me) I’d take that GI bill to one of those diploma mills in South Florida or Virginia and let the office staff help you wring everything you already rate out of what you’ve got, and ship unlicensed till you’ve got the time to hauspipe. Even unlicensed, your pay should as much as double from what you’re making in CG, so might as well make money instead of paying out while you get your ticket.

When they finally get licensed and most (maybe even all) of the other officers are younger than then they’d have a really hard time.

They’d lose their shit if they tried to go unlicensed and hawsepipe.

Hey everyone thanks for your response, and sorry for my late response we’ve been underway since I posted this, and just got back in. Looks like I’m going to be taking a look into SUNY Maratime. Also I probably should have been more clear about what I meant in regards to military lifestyle. I have no issue taking orders from someone younger than me, or putting on a uniform and addressing people by rank. My main concern was not being locked on the campus full time. This shouldn’t be a big concern though if I’m only a day student. Thanks again for everyone’s feedback it’s been very helpful.

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