Cococophillips hiring process

Has anyone gone thru the hiring process for AB or any other position with ConocoPhillips? And if so what is the process after you summit your resume and online application?

I get emails from them from time to time as well as my friends and nobody that we know has every been hired

I just had a friend get hired. A/B. he did the online application. Then he said he did a series of phone interviews I think two. This might not be standard because he is located in the PNW. After the interviews he was asked to fly down for in person all paid for by them. He just flew back and goes to orientation in mid may. Whole process started aprox mid jan. hope this helps.

oh ok well I finished my process online and summited a resume. let’s see how that goes. I currently work at MSC but I don’t like the rotation so does your friend like it? what is PNW is it Pacific North West? do you know what questions try asked him? sorry for all the questions I just want to be prepared.

Hey no worries. To be honest I’m not sure the details or questions they asked sure it was a broad range though. He has lots of tanker experience on the same routes they run. PNW is the pacific northwest. Next time I talk him I’ll ask more details.