Conocophillips hiring process question

Has anyone gone thru the hiring process for AB position or any other position with ConocoPhillips? What should I expect if they were to call me after I summited online resume and application?

Ewwww…you really drink Pabst? Must be why you start identical threads…

Anyway, sorry don’t have a clue about Conoco Phillips’ hiring process or what to expect if they call you? Maybe they’ll ask you some questions or something?

Here’s a question from me…do they actually have vessels of their own? I thought all the major oil companies ditched their company owned fleets a long time ago.

Lol yeah pabst is my choice. And I thought the first one didn’t go thru. But I know Polar Tankers, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of ConocoPhillips. And in order to sail with them you have to fill out the online application and summit a resume. That’s why I wanted a little more info on the process.