Coast Guard goes back on their word?

I just heard about this…Where will it all end?

Effective 6/30/2010 the Coast Guard has gone back on their word of NO user fees for Radar Observer and Commercial Assistance Towing endorsements.

Their new policy, implemented without notice, and contrary to their promise made in the Federal Register, now includes an evaluation fee of $50 in addition to the issuance fee of $45 for a total of $95.

A well-known school is asking for a reconsideration of this liberal view, to be followed by a formal appeal if necessary, but in the meantime if the applicant needs the endorsement, advise that $95 will be required.

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By Manni Costa
Maritime Press International staff writer

[LEFT][SIZE=1]See attached files of Federal Register below [/SIZE][/LEFT]

[QUOTE=Capt. Ken Wahl;43653]I just heard about this…Where will it all end?[/QUOTE]

When they replace the last American mariner with some guy who paid in Kunas, Zloties or Ringitts probably.

I don’t think it will affect Radar as it is no longer an endorsement and you have to carry the certificate.

Actually, It will affect those who are getting their radar original for the first time. And, anybody who has an expiration date written next to the radar endorsement on their license.

You are correct, that anybody simply renewing a certificate from a school will only need to carry that cert for its period of validity.