Classification Societies ranking 2018

I don’t think CCS has applied for recognition as ACP by USCG, or even care if they are allowed to class US flag vessels. As the fastest growing IACS in the world they don’t need to worry about such trivial matters.

Their Class is recognised by all major insurers, flag states and shipping nations, incl. USA.
They are also authorised to act on behalf of most major flag states.

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Exactly, who cares about classing US flagged vessels, what is the US the 25 largest registry in the world. If I owned a business, really wouldn’t focus my efforts on a market segment that has so many more barriers to enter.

Can’t remember where I read it or how accurate it is but … I thought I read somewhere that the US flagged deep sea fleet was something like 100-150 vessels.

You must have read it in a history book.

The US Flag, is predominantly Offshore (PSV, Utility, AHTS,OSV’s), I believe are around 1,400 total, they have numbers, but small tonnage. Tonnage rules the standings.

The world leading Classification Society DNV-GL is going all out to join the AI race:

There is conflict of interest with USCG being the NTSB Maritime lead and investigating erm…the USCG…

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