Class Flag and NA errors, mistakes, oversights etc

Lets hear them…
typically not fixed, sunk or scrapped…
not fit for purpose applies to a few.
Classification Societes paid by you to certify your design, what could possibly go wrong?

new flexible design rides he waves for crew comfort

Its sister ships were such a poor design they were scrapped one earlier and one same year ABS
Nobody responsible
Owner never found
But we have the captain so he goes to prison

Rich versus the poor…

The Master requested permission to seek shelter, but this was denied by the above authorities, none of which has been held responsible.

This resulted in a IMO resolution that is now in force, but has been repeatedly ignored by countries all over the world.

Liberty ships, took a while but no more square stressed corners ( yet the Brits built a pressurised aircraft with square windows)
MSC Napoli,
MOL Comfort,
then class slide rules updated again…till the next one