ChartCo who knows anything about them?

ChartCo who knows anything about them?

Looking into weather services & chart updates, Never used them before. Any insight on this or other services that provide this service? We don’t utilize ECDIS at this time.

Just Nobletec

i use the chartco service/software onboard for weather, chart and publication updates. I have only used chartco, but i do find it is a very easy system to use. Keeps track of all pubs/charts on board. Updates come weekly for charts and pubs, and i believe every 6 or 12 hrs for weather. Everything comes in .pdf format so alls you do is find out pubs/ charts you want to correct and print out that specific correction. It also will inform you when a new edition is available. The weather program allows you to add your tracks, waypoints, ect.

do you have any specific questions?

My co. asked me if I liked it, they are inquiring as to Wx routing and such. Ocean Systems International, AWT, Weathernews, etc…Wondering whats best, most popular. One Senior member pushed for ChartCo. I had not used it before and wanted to know more about peoples experiences with them.

My exprience with AWT has been relatively good for weather routing. What run are you on? Shipmate 1

I really like WNI (WeatherNews) oceanroutes for wx. I have the software loaded into my computer which I can use on my own, without the weather service to analyze the route . That software alone is is good, it is somewhat difficult to find the optimum route except by trail and error. The software is not as easy to use as it could be but if you use it daily you learn to avoid it’s quirks. .

When you use the routing service you download the recommend route into the computer and you can compare it to your own. I’ve used them in both the N and S Atlantic and the N. Pacific and I’ve been happy with the routing.

Thanks Guys for your input.