Changing user name

Can I change my user name and if so how do I do it? I originally registered with a Blackberry email which no longer works. Any ideas would be appreciated. I don’t really want my real name on every post I make. Thanks

why not just make a new account with your new email and a new user name?

I am not being allowed to set up a new account. Is there a way to close my present one and re register?[QUOTE=Saltgrain;168430]why not just make a new account with your new email and a new user name?[/QUOTE]

Just log out and don’t log back in. I’m not 100% sure but you may need a different email address then the one you used previously. When you go to make a new account now what does it say?

It tells me that the name name email is already in use.

I had to get mine changed by the Administrator.

I wonder if it would be worthwhile for the admins to put up a warning at the step of the account set up where you select a username. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN NAME IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK YOUR MIND WITHOUT FEAR OF REPRISAL.

It doesn’t mention anything in the rules or FAQ under registration regarding guidelines for usernames. Unless the username is derogatory or may offend other users, the moderators don’t have to get involved. It isn’t covered under the privacy policy either. I suppose since changing a username isn’t common, the moderators don’t mind taking a minute to make the change. If it became more frequent, a disclaimer might be beneficial. Some sites have a user and a display name. That kind of feature might make it easier for participants to correct things on their own. It depends on how people want to participate in the forum. If you are trying to sell or draw attention to yourself, it helps to know who exactly you are. If you are a mariner that wants to compare companies, then you might want to have a more anonymous username. In general displaying personal information is not in your best interest as it gives cyber-predators ammunition to fish for things like financial accounts. Most people know that, but nobody thinks it can happen to them. Like being attacked by a shark or struck by lightning.

We discourage changing usernames because it has caused confusion in the past but, if you have a legitimate reason then PM Mikey (or email him:

I originally registered with a made up name but i can’t remember what it was or the password. I think my problem started when I logged in with facebook.