Change of Sovereign

After 70 years on the throne the Queen has past (RIP) and handed the baton to her son, King Charles III, in a traditional, long and elaborate process. Long live the King!!!:

Nobody does pomp and ceremony better than the Brits. This time it will all be seen around the world:

Unfortunately, we have lost the person after whom the spare one was named.

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The Queen is dead (RIP):

Long Live the King!!!

Damn, I was always convinced that Zanzibar was in there somewhere.
Or possibly Xanadu.

HMS becomes His Majesty’s Ship and the Crowns on many Navy uniforms may have to change among so many other things.
Elizabeth was a much loved Queen

Long live the King

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It’s going to take some time before people in the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world gets used to the new reality.

For instance; as of PM yesterday the UK National Anthem is; “God Save the King”.

The Royal Emblem of Queen Elisabeth II:

will have to change to a new one for King Charles III

PS> This one is already taken:
It belongedto Charles III who was King of Spain from10 August 1759 to 14 December 1788.

Here is just a few of the changes that will take place:

PS> A lot of changes will also take place in the other realms where King Charles III is head of state. Some MAY even take the opportunity to become Republic (??)

This has gone a fair bit OT. Maybe an Admin could create a new thread for the posts re: the Queen’s death?

Hear is the lineup of present and future Kings of England/Britain/UK and 14 other countries for (probably) the next 100 years:

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Nah. They should first become a free state and wait another 27 years to become a republic.

Not everybody appears to have that much patience:

Maybe Caribbean is too far away for them to care??

Oh you ment the one about the Green Part leader not having the decency to wait a bit with his ill advised comment?

It has been mentioned by at least some media in Oz:

New thread is called “Change of Sovereign”, covering both the death of the Queen and the ascendance of the new King.

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Talking to plants could be the reason for an exceptionally long apprenticeship .


The republic pushers can never find an argument for a reason to drop the Monarchy.
Australia knows better than any Commonwealth country the safety valve the Monarchy provides to an out of control government.

They lost the last vote as the politicians said no way will the public choose a leader of the country, we will.
The population said no way, we the voter will decide who will be the President.

Its the crooked politicians that want to remove oversite.

Look where govs are moving, more draconian laws to control you and less oversite.


I went to the NSW Proclamation (confirmation of acceptance of the new King) today, big enthusiastic crowd, many dignataries from both main parties, (no greens) 21 gun salute (21 rounds fired), band from HMAS Parramatta lots of fanfare, NO protesters.
A great historical day
God Save The King


Well said Lew.

Perhaps there should be a referendum on a “Greens free Parliament “. Their behaviour and commentary on the Queen’s passing has been nothing short of reprehensible.

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Australian money changes: ‘Steve Irwin’s face should be put on currency instead of Prince Charles’ | Daily Mail Online

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