CCG ship released from from cradle by a vandal

“As far as bad things happening, it’s proceeding quite well”

Don’t worry, the Mounties always get their man.

In this case it’s probably a buncha hosers all hosed up on Molson eh.

Hoser … used primarily by those imitating Canadians.[1] It is not often used by Canadians, but it is sometimes used as typical Canadian slang by others.

Hosed, on the other hand, is actual slang. Cf. screwed, Cf. hooped. Cf. pooched. Cf. busted. Cf. FUBAR Cf. Gain ta Jaysus.


Good LORD! The Great White North was on almost four decades ago! I thought anyone who remembered those guys was already dead?


Ummmmmmmm. My avatar speaks otherwise. I celebrate the entire catalog of Moranis and Thomas. Now ‘take off you knob’


For your consideration…

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Nah, it was probably the swish.


my bad…I had meant to add with the exception of yourself

I grovel at your feet

krap, I must of been at sea and missed all this. how did you guys ever get time to learn of it?

I was going to blame it on Screech, until I noticed that it happened in Halifax. So most likely O’Keefe’s was to blame.

I haven’t been to Halifax in years. Still looking for my liver… what a town. Mean time, out west, Olympic gold medalists are being disqualified from competition for drinking. America, you’re our friends, right? Did you ever think about staging an intervention?

Intolerant, narrow minded, politically correct, liberals to the left of me, intolerant, narrow minded, religious nuts to the right of me, what’s freedom and fun loving person in the middle to do.


Stay happy and have fun!!


It is becoming a polarized society … a term I coined in 1975 in the army. The American ideal of :: don’t talk of politics and religion “” is fading … what one has to contemplate is why folks can or do not adhere to this
Meanwhile… do your thing … … Uh, … while you still can !! …

gawd, what a heart break for everybody I don’t know how punishment is computed (except a "eye for an eye’) but the jack ass who did this probably needs to spend his life between bars before we figure he can now contribute to society what he took.

Ok Buzz Killington.