Catamaran ferry Fjord FSTR almost home

The last part of the long voyage from the shipyard in the Filipines to Hirtshals of the newbuilt Catamaran FJORD FSTR owned by Fjordline. the high speed vessel passed Texel with 20 knots. This summer the ship will start between Hirtshals and Kristiansand in Norway. Photo : Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

Never understood what the designers have against Bridge wings.

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She arrived in Hirtshals yesterday:

Some details:

I looked her up sometimes on her voyage from the Philippines.
Mostly she was at 15/18 knots, only in the Arabian Sea I saw her speeding at 30+ knots (pirates?).
Then she was stuck for some days off Suez… because of the ‘Ever Given’ Canal blockade.

She had armed guards onboard for the passage across the Arabian Sea and in the Red Sea.

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I found that looking at a screen from the onboard cameras a poor substitute compared to getting out on a bridge wing but these days everybody seems to know more than the operator.

Maybe she has “Auto docking” system installed??

I can see some poor bastard ( an antipodian term of endearment) at the subsequent investigation where passengers were injured or killed- “the computer made a mistake.”

The first thing our lot did when they bought the ‘new’ trimaran, sorry, dynamically supported monohull, was fit bridge wings to it.
Still managed to put a hole in it very first trip.