Canyon Supply and Logistics?

:confused:Has anybody heard of Canyon Supply and Logistics out of Houston,Tx? They are supposed to be buying a major portion of Naval Station Ingleside, Ingleside,Tx and are planning on turning it into another offshore oil service center like Port Fourchon.If this does happen, the drilling off Texas must be going to pick up.

January 26, 2011

Mr. Richard L. Fuqua
Canyon Supply & Logistics, LLC
5005 Riverway, Suite 250
Houston, Texas 77056

Subject: Response to Your Letter Dated January 19, 2011

Dear Mr. Fuqua:

We received your letter dated January 19, 2011, wherein you expressed your frustration
and confusion over some of the recent discussions and actions by the Port Authority relative to
the sale of part or all of the Naval Station Ingleside assets. I want to take this opportunity to
state the facts that did occur and correct the misconceptions, inaccuracies and misstatements that
were made in your letter. ,

Housroru, TExes 77oE.6,
Ter. z 13.960-0277
January I9,207L
Certified MaiI,
Return Receipt Requested ancl
Via Facsimile 3 6 1.882-7 1 I 0
Port of Corpus Christi Authority
222Power Street
Corpus Cluisti, Texas 78401
Atrn: John LaRue, Executive Director
Gentlemen and Lady:
I wite this letter to you out of frustration and confusion. On September 30, 2010,
¡epresentatives of Texas A&M University introduced Canyon Supply & Logistics, LLC ('Canyon")
to the opportunity to purchase the former Naval Station locatecl at Ingleside, Texas. Since that date,
Canyon has negotiated in good faith to acquire the property described in the Master Development
Plan and ttre 433.187 aores adjacent to the NSI property. Cauyon has had extensivc negotiatious
with the former owner of the Then exolusive right to acqrure the above-described property.,

On 2-18-11 the Port of Corpus Christi and Canyon agreed on $102.5 million. The port is saying they may a contract ready on their next meeting 3-8-11.

Canyon deposited $1 million this week (ahead of schedule) as their earnest money on the purchase of nsi. There have been three drilling permits let by mms for keathley and alaminos canyons, 150 miles due east of the base, 380 miles from port fourchon.

for what its worth: the scuttlebutt here at Helix (which owns Canyon Offshore) is that this is a Helix play: buying adjacent property to their massive Ingleside Spool Base and getting ready to develop it all.

Just FYI to anyone interested in this. But the buying of the port is for inbound pipe. They are planning on bringing pipe into Ingleside and then shipping it out from there to the large new natural gas find (Eagle Ford) that is north of Corpus Christi, tx near the Three Rivers, Tx area. There may be someone come in and put in a shore base also, but the main reason is to bring pipe and equipment into Ingleside and then ship it out to the Eagle Ford (there are also 2 other new big fields in this area, but not as big as the Eagle ford. This will reduce the shipping costs considerably and lots of other reasons…

Hey, since you work at Helix. My name is Matthew Armstrong and I run a small Oilfield Trucking company and I heard about this new deal with Canyon from a customer and I am trying to find out some contact information. Who should I talk to at Canyon to try and do some of the trucking? email is