Can't get a printed license after April 15th?

With all the conversations about the new MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential), and the fact that the Coast Guard apparently has decided that you can no longer get a printed license, here’s an interesting tidbit.

I’m sorry, did I write “license”? I meant “officer endorsement”.

I have read that the Coast Guard says that one of the reasons they don’t want to issue printed licenses anymore is the fact that they will be able to eliminate a lot of paper and printers and other infrastructure that goes along with handling said printed licenses. Uh huh. So, enter the new “Document of Continuity”. Have you seen one? You can, [B]here[/B]. This will pop up a cute little slideshow about how cool the new MMC is. Click through to slide number 9.

Or, just open the attached .jpeg

Look familiar?

Yay!! I get to spend more money for ANOTHER ID!!!:smiley:

I love this country:rolleyes:

As an aside- I read somewhere that you can still elect to receive the printed licenses for sentimental purposes…

Yea, I noticed that too when that slide show came out a couple weeks ago. My thoughts are this - I know it looks like a full size license, but I have a feeling it’s a miniature on a sticky pad that goes into the MMC. Maybe Mr. Cavo can answer the question?

I’ll bet it is a separate piece of paper, since the Document of Continuity doesn’t expire, and the MMC does.

Touche - good point. Then yea, that doesn’t making any damn sense whatsoever.

The document of continuity is a separate document on 8.5 x 11 paper. It never expires, even if you do.

Well then how much sense does that make? Isn’t it the same piece of paper with different words on it?

I suspect they print a relatively small number of Document of Continuities compared to Licenses. Why would any of this need to make sense anyway:D!?

It is rather disheartening to get the new MMC instead of a license. I finally got off my biscuit and wrote my Master INL AGT/GL 1600 GT and was really looking forward to having a license with “Master” on it instead of just my 3/M and piloting endorsements.

Is there any way to still get one for the wall or are we just s.o.l.? It would be nice to have something to show for my sea time and studying.

You get nothing, now get back down in the bilge you dirty rat!

Word on the street:
Capt David Stolfort (yep, the guy that signs the MMCs) said last week that he was surprised that nobody has started a business offering to print old style licenses, suitable for framing, for all those mariners that want one.

Clarification was asked for and he said that a mariner would still need to post the new MMC, but there would be no reason why somebody couldn’t hang a nice old style framed one in their den.

So, for all you entrepreneur types (John, are you reading this? This could be gCaptain’s next profit center), I just want a free one for passing on the idea.

I just tried this: I used a scanned copy of an old license, imported it into Paintbrush Program, then changed the info on it. I am now a [U]Chief Mate of Star Fleet Vessels, Unlimitless, with license number 8675309[/U]. Those that want a “suitable for framing license” can do the same. Borrowing the license copy from someone if all you have is the MMC. If I could do it using that lame Paitbrush progam with my low graphics skill, anyone can do it. I don’t think one could make a business out of this as it’s too easy to do at home.:cool: