Canadian schools

Just wondering if there are any graduates from BCIT or Marine Institute (MUN) nautical science program here ? Would like to hear you thoughts on your program.<br>Which school rates higher ?

The underwhelming response leads me to ask, do they have internet in Canada?<br><br>Back to watching Terrance and Phillip

I must be the first Canadian on the forum…
To answer the question it doesn’t matter. I actually graduated from Georgian College in Owen Sound Ontario, they take in 50 officers and 50 engineers every year, it is a 3 year diploma program. I work on the East Coast of Canada and on the Great Lakes, recent grads make 60 to 100K per year. Marine Institute offers a 4 year Degree program but gets you only the same ticket and access to the same jobs. The degree is only necessary if you plan to take on Maritime Law or Naval Architecture as a career.
Not sure about BCIT if it is 3 or 4 year, but it will get you the same ticket, same job. Holland College in PEI as well. The diploma and / or Degree is really useless to you if you plan on seafaring, JUST GET YOUR TICKET and get a job!
One thing I can guarantee though, Georgian College in Owen Suond is the Cheapest tuition and cheapest living and maybe the fastest way to a ticket outside of the hawsepipe!

Larry F B: Not only do I know where Canada is, including Owen Sound, but I’ve also had breakfast at the Hoito Club in Thunder Bay. Nice to see a wide geographic area represented on this site.

My wife is from Thunder Bay, we love the Hoito!

If you ever make it to Thunder Bay again, take your woman to Kanga’s Sauna, have a delightful breakfast followed by an even better sauna session!

Where is Canada?

North of Antarctica, I think.

Good question…But I did see their flag once…

Right again as usual.


Kanga’s Sauna, eh? I’d have to sauna first - always sauna on an empty stomach!