Can we (by that I mean you guys) change how outside link work?

When I click on a link to an article that leads outside of GCaptain it replaces the current window I’m in. The ideal would be to keep me here and open a new tab in the background.

Right click your link. Hit the key with the ‘T.’


On Android long-press on the link and select “open in new chrome tab”.

I’m on Android not a PC, sorry I should have been more clear I was on mobile and I don’t use chrome. It’s also in the best interest of keep the users here than to send us off site. All they have to do is change 1 setting to open target frames in a new window. Any WYSIWYG editor should be able to make the change.

Are you using the gCaptain App? Unless there’s a setting I haven’t found yet, rewriting the app for tabs probably isn’t in the cards.

Nope, just my mobile browser.

It’s the same for mobile safari, long press then “open in background”. There are also settings in all browsers, mobile and full, for opening links in new tabs.

What browser do you use then?
It really shouldn’t matter. Long press, select open in new window/tab.