Can the US Navy count on its northern neighbors in conflicts?

After interminable delays and just as the northwest passage is getting all kinds of attention from China and Russia, they’ve just commissioned their first icebreaker in 25 years:

There are no plans for future icebreaker builds and Canadian politicians have let the once proud and effective Navy go to seed. The equipment is so ancient, parts are no longer manufactured so they have to fabricate them themselves and jury-rig the rest.

They have to call rent-a-tanker for their UNREPs.

Just to be noted, that article is from 2015 and since then, Canada has successfully converted a commercial vessel as an interim supply ship.

Still, it’s quite amusing that they are tooting nearly twenty-year-old icebreakers as “new”.

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The person responsible for making the deal, was almost thrown in jail over it.

I understand the logic and reason for wanting to keep shipbuilding industry alive in the country, but this is an obscene amount of money.

Norway had one built in S.Korea

It cost 1,320,000,000 NOK - 150,823,200 USD.

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