Can I use my license for this job?

My license says Master of 50ton on Great Lakes and Inland waters, and mate upon near coastal waters of no mare the 50ton with sailing and towing endorsements.

I am applying for a job at Sea Tow Key Biscayne (Miami, Fl) as a captain of one of their tow boats… However the job will be off the coast of Florida and my license say mate of near coastal water. Will i be able to captain a tow boat in those waters? If not how do I upgrade to such a license?

Thank you.

could someone please help. ive been trying to find the answer with no luck. All that i would need is my OUPV near coastal, which is about the same sea time as mate near coastal. is there anyway to change this other than going through the whole application experience again?? Would I even need to??

Cabbott - Which towing endorsement do you have? Commercial assistance, or do you have your TOAR?

Sounds like you would need to have your TOAR for this job, and not just the commercial assistance endorsement.

Good luck!

I have the commercial towing but that is all that is needed. because it says mate of near coastal not master they are questioning it. I have searched and found that with my near coastal mate endorsement I can operate an inspected vessel up to 200 mi. offshore.

I think the guys you want to work for are after min 100 ton NC with commercial assistance towing. The job is not always towing a 20 ft run about back to the dock. Sometimes it is hard core and they need experience and quals for that. Good luck getting on. Watch out for the bare breasted boobies at Stiltsville !:smiley:
"With a MATE NEAR COASTAL Endorsement on Master Inland:
Requires 180 days in Near Coastal waters (offshore).
Lets you operate an Inspected Vessel on Inland waters and a
6-Pack Vessel out to 200 miles offshore." Found this on seaschools website