Can I get RFPNW on a GOM OSV

Hi there,
I have my AB-Special but lack the RFPNW. What is the reality of getting the on board asesments needed for my RFPNW in the GOM?
Im thinking when I start knocking on doors for that deck job Id like to know where to look for the appropreate boats. In otherwords, how are GOM guys getting their RFPNW?



Bob, You can get the RFPNW on an OSV. You can also get your AB unlimited on an OSV. There is a RFPNW booklet to have signed off where you demonstrate certain navigation procedures and then just turn that in to the Coast Guard with your sea days and that is it. There is a place to keep track of the days in the RFPNW booklet.

Captain Lee:
Thank you for that information. very useful !

Bob, I’ve been to the class and got the booklet…

.According to the " Assessor’s manual For Conducting Mariner Assessments"
Which I will link for you at the end…
On page 1,… 2 nd paragraph .It’s titled The role of the Assessor…

An assessor should hold the level of license,endorsement,or professional credential required for the proficiency being assessed.

Bob, I wasn’t satisfied with my response so I went looking farther…
I found a reference to NVIC 6-97 this had about the same answer as the assessors manual…But I found another reference to CFR title 46 part 10 …10.301…10.302…10.302
But this was unclear also…I’m stumped…
.It would make sense to me that any one with a Master or Mates license over 500 Tons who holds an OICNW should be able to sign this off…If you find the true answer to this I would be very interested in it as well…

I spoke with NMC about this very issue last fall. The response that I received was this: “A licensed officer who is the direct supervisor (Mate or above) can sign off on the assessments as long as they have read and follow the assessor’s manual as set forth buy the USCG”. Bottom line, yes you can get the RFPNW on an OSV. And even attain AB-Unlimited. The hurdle that you may possibly have to over come is “finding” an officer that will be willing to work with you on the assessments. Me, hell yeah, I am all for someone trying to move forward in their career. But, I DO NOT give any breaks at all. It is all spelled out in black and white what is required by the USCG.
Good luck with your endeavors!!!

Captain Brian:
Thanks for the info.
So do you need a good hand on your boat?


Actually Bob, yes we do. One that can see what needs to be done with out being “told” to do it. One that actually takes pride in doing a task. Quality not quantity. But, unfortunatly my employer is not hiring any new hands. <img alt="" src=“” /> They really need to flush some of these guys and get some quality ones. But, that is not my call.