Can I delete posts or comments?

Is there a way for me to delete my own posts and comments?


But you can’t delete messages

Under your post are a few little icons. One is a pencil. Click that and you can edit your comment. That icon disappears after a period of time.

But, no, you can’t delete or edit old comments for a few reasons:

  1. Old topics are a usefull reference. Books like the Merchant Seamans Manual haven’t been updated for years ao many turn to places lkke this for reference info. If replies started dissapearing on helpfull posts then readers would get confused.
  2. This policy encourages members to post solid, helpfull and accurate information and discourages them from posting attacks and false information.
  3. This is the internet, nothing disapears. Even if we deleted your posts they would remain in places like the Internet Archives and Google Cache which we have no controll over. They might be a little harder to find but would jot go away.

So… I don’t delete anything but @Mikey has been known to help out in the past if there is a good reason for the request.

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