Can anyone tell me what it's like as a deckhand for the Army Corps of Engineers?

Just got a call for an application I sent in months ago, just verifying my info and asking to set up an interview date. Anyone have experience with the engineers? any opinions or advice?

My guess is will be pretty gravy, it is a government job and has government benefits after all.

Once you find out what kind of vessel its for you can get a better picture.

ACOE has dredges, survey boats, harbor matanence, ect… all sorts of equipment.

Think if it as money in the bank. It will collect interest, but you won’t get a good return for 5 or 10 years.

The reason is they adopted a 5 tier pay plan about 20 years ago. It sucks the first couple years. Then it gets better.

As far as going with them… Hey, they won’t go bankrupt anytime soon!