Calling all DPOs in the Offshore Industry - DPO Survey

Please complete this survey which aims to identify the attitudes of DPOs towards the implementation of hybrid battery systems on DP vessels.

I am a final-phase Cadet studying at Warsash Maritime School, UK and this research contributes to my undergraduate dissertation.The survey is aimed at DPOs within the offshore industry.

If you are a DPO or undertaking DPO training, I would greatly appreciate it if you could complete my survey and share widely with your colleagues. It should take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete.

All participants should know that their answers will be anonymous.

Thank you very much for your time.

George Williams

Did you know the rules on batteries and how they are integrated into DP vessels before you wrote the survey?

Thank you for your comment.

What sort of ‘rules’ do you mean? Safety, fire or ship design?

My research for the project has been covering workforce attitudes to DP vessels with implemented batteries.

Are you talking about vessels that do actually have propulsion via battery’s ( very few short range small ferries etc) or DP vessels that have batteries as standby power and for power clipping/peak shaving? They last minutes.