Call for ‘passport’ to help oil workers transition to renewables

Interesting article about training costs.

Glad some attention is being brought to the training course racket, something needs to be done to bring costs down.


There is a lot of overlap between STCW, OPITO and GWO courses, instead of making people pay for more courses they should be made compatible with each other. It is crazy doing different courses and learning the same stuff over and over again.

People should also be able to do more courses via webinar on platforms such as teams or zoom.

Especially now with Covid it doesn’t make sense making people sit in a room with random strangers to do a course when it could easily be done via webinar. It would save so much time and money allowing people to do courses from home as they wouldn’t have to travel to distant cities and pay for hotels etc.

If courses have a practical and theoretical aspect then they could split the courses into a theoretical and practical parts, all the theoretical stuff could be done via webinar so then when you have to go to a training centre to do the practical stuff you only have to go there for a much shorter time.

A lot of short courses seem to be ‘meated out’ by training centres to make them needlessly longer, if you just kept the useful stuff the courses would be much shorter.


There is more training in offshore then being a brain surgeon who never goes back once they have the cert!!

PS there are no jobs in green…

There are lots of green jobs in europe, in the UK particular so many jobs have been created with regards to wind.

The USA is luck to have similar geology to the UK in that there is lots of shallow water near the coast which is perfect for offshore wind.

Countries like Norway unfortunately have very little shallow water near their coast so they are trying to make floating wind turbines which are very very expensive.

The news says otherwise UK OnG workers out of work will never come back as the amount of humans in the energy chain with a renewable is far less than oil or coal.

The Germans have already got this issue as they are further down the road.
It cant be very green if its a source of expanding employment.
Less jobs and more expensive power thats where we are at.

The future lies in offshore wind.

a few workers and vessels will move over but thats about it.
Nobody creates an industry to employ people. You need productivity and wealth to create new industry which absorbs people from the ones constantly shrinking their ratio of sales to employees and if an industry shuts down only a small percentage generally get re-employed.
Wind is all about subsidy so its very precarious, hence financially non viable winds farms are being torn down whilst the govs keeps subsidizing new builds.

Work out what to do with used blades thats going to be a massive industry once you convince greenies that they dont biodegrade so burying them is not working.