Cal Maritime Fired Mom!

Came across this article on social media. Cal Maritime is reducing galley crew and making drastic changes to the menu (like serving Hot Pockets as main entrees).

Coldest thing about the whole thing is Mom being fired. For any alumni on here, she is the most kindest, sweetest lady I’ve ever met. She loves all her “children”, as she called all her cadets. Birthdays on cruise or on campus, she always made sure you had a cake or dessert of your choice and wished you a happy birthday. Standing the 04-08 on the Golden Bear were the best because you knew Mom was up making breakfast treats for the watch.

Thought I’d share this.

Saw that this morning. Due to virus/etc enrollment is way down. Can relate to cost cutting at many of the universities around the country experiencing similar problems with reduced enrollment… Is the food that good at CMA to have a mini protest?

It’s california…


Now that is worthy of a chuckle. Thx DY

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Kind of the opposite at KP. . .firing the kitchen staff would be a godsend. . . . and little has changed, from what I hear. . . .

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They did make a change recently. New facilities and vendor. Still needs some work, but improving. Seems lately they run out of meals however “delicious” they are. KP guys favorite pasttime is bitching about the food, or lack of it. Maybe they can hire the displaced CMA people they think so highly of… Hot sauce has always been a needed commodity. God bless our nations Academy galleys. Oh, the horror.

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I remember a Suny cadet mentioning that many years ago. You do your homework sir.

Not homework. I was one of them.

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Now that is a reliable source!

I don’t know that I ever got sick from eating KP food. . . although we had a nickname for the hamburgers, and combine them with a certain English professor after lunch. . . .well, let’s just say that there were times when an entire class was sleeping as he droned on. . . .