What is going on at California Maritime Academy?

Its been a while since I was at CSUMA, But does anyone have any info that can be shared about this?

I’m not sure to what’s going on in regards to this specific article but I was under the assumption that Dhillon was no longer the title nine coordinator because of her poor job performance.

A friend of mine told me that the reported sexual assault numbers are way smaller than the actual one. Probably in part due to the school making the two talk it out in the commandant’s office instead using more official means of dealing with it. That alone is enough to stop people from reporting anything.

Very sad news either way. It breaks my heart knowing that in a school so small and close (in a perfect world at least) some feel suicide is the best option. I remember almost every year hearing about one or two suicides around mate’s exams.

Very sad. In this day and age, I would certainly be extremely cautious in having a relationship with a fellow cadet. I also understand that it can be difficult. I was that age once, too.

From what I read in the parents groups, It does sound as if CMA may be circling the drain. nearly a 25% decrease in student body in the last 5 years despite adding majors, an astonishing amount of bitching and moaning on social media, assault, various forms of discrimination, marginal living conditions. If they are going to survive they are going to need to make the corps optional for the non-licensed majors and allow off campus housing again. Because why the fuck would you do this to yourself and not even get a license. It’s a shitty thing to say “I told you so” about but I distinctly remember the student body being concerned about this when they announced there would be no more off campus housing. But I feel that some folks in admin can’t shake that “West Coast’s USNA” pipe dream while still trying to be a CSU.

What is going on at CSU? At NYMC, I only remember one suicide attempt during my time there, and it was a MUG student who want not mentally/emotionally fit to be in the program in the first place. In my entire time there, there was not a single successful suicide, and I can’t remember hearing about once since I’ve been away.

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One or two a year is a lot more than I remember while being at CMA. I had heard it was closer to one ever 4 years or so. The more graphic ones I remember were generally involving relationships.

It can be very depressing to hear “If you don’t like it then leave” after taking two to three years of units that don’t transfer. Great place to be from, not a great place to be.

That’s what I was thinking. Several students died while I was there, but nobody was from suicide.

There was a suicide at NY Maritime while I was there - Spring of '85. I never heard anything about the details of why (if anyone really knew). Very sad day.

I remember during my time at TMA, we had 2-3 suicides per year. Very sad, some of them were close shipmates.

Very interesting article. Vinneta is no longer the Title 9 Coordinator, and campus has been without an on campus Title 9 Coordinator since late fall 2021. Not sure when this suicide took place, but I think it was during early 2020. Ironically, most victims did not like vinnetta as they felt she had a bias towards the accused which is contrary to the claims of the parents. In either cause, CMA is sadly circling the drain due to neglect and lack of leadership. President cropper, VP McMahon are both leaving this summer. Several other departments/positions have been revolving doors. Campus is hemorrhaging money, retention/attraction is going down the drain as well. Here’s another recent article on the Title 9 situation as well: ‘Always have a knife with you’: Women and trans students fear harassment, hate at CSU campus

That article in the LA Times is, in a word, shocking. I admit I am every stereotype of a sailor in my segment of the industry: I grew up in a small town where shipping was very visible, my parent’s had a boat and I would spend time on ANYTHING that would float (I am happy to have survived a picnic table on an ice flow one spring decades ago), and was drinking around in canoes, small outboards, and small sailboats long before I could drive a car. I wear flannel and denim, hunt and fish, and am about the farthest thing from “woke” imaginable.

BUT, I have been in this business long enough to see that my life and background is no longer typical for a Mariner. If we want this industry to survive we darn well had better take care of cadets and new hires because I, and most of my friends, won’t be at this much longer. If someone is committed to this profession I don’t particularly care who they sleep with ashore, where they spend their Sunday morning (or Friday night), and whether or not they want a Saturday steak in the galley. What I DO care about is a dedication to the craft and the ability to be a good shipmate. We don’t have to agree with anyone’s lifestyle or what they do when they are home; if someone comes aboard and works hard, is serious about keeping themselves and shipmates safe, and wants to learn, that should be all that matters. We are doing a terrible job of mentoring/leading/training if the perception of our industry is continuously displayed in the media as a trainwreck of sexist/homophobic/racist mariners.

This has to stop. The world is changing and I repeat that you don’t have to agree with or understand someone’s life ashore but when they are aboard you had darn well better act like a professional and keep your boat moving safely … and your shipmates safe as well. An individual is just that, an individual, and if their life does not directly harm you, it should not affect how you treat them. There is no place in this industry for people who treat others like excrement.


From what i can see on google it looks like the student body has shrunk 25%. Is it really down to ~800 students? Are they letting less in or are people just not comming?

The current number in the Corps is 713 as of the census date a few weeks past.

Agreed. I have a saying that “life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness” means I can do what I want and you can do what you want in so far as we don’t tread on each others right to do as we each please. But, no Saturday steak? That just goes too far.

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Jesus Christ. well, 94 years was a good run, no way CSU is happy with those numbers

If somebody is willing to choke down a veggie burger rather than a tasty slab of rare dead cow, they can have it…more leftover steak for me!

…about 0200, done with #!?@& paperwork, slice it thin, some fresh bread or a roll, spicy mustard, a chunk of extra sharp cheddar…good stuff!

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I graduated from there in the mid 90’s. There were only 4 majors offered at the time all were maritime. Everybody wore uniforms all the time during classes. We stood guard duty at the gate, commons and froze or sweltered in that metal phonebooth sized guardshack in the upper parking lot. I think the population started around 400 at the begining of the year but a lot of Freshman dropped out. Open berthing on that old 1939 stick ship with no AC. Well that sucked too, if it was still that way it would be a ghost town. I am starting to sound like a curmudgeonly old prick but basically you either stood up for yourself or got picked on as a “soft target”. This was good prep for life no matter what career you pusued afterwords. I am not sure if things are better or worse or things are blown up just to get a story. Remember these papers are out for profit they need readership to sell advertising and the journalism has become so dishonest in this country i don’t know who to believe anymore.
As far as actual sexual assault accusations go those do need to be taken seriously, investegated immediately and law enforcement allowed to take over immediately to preserve any evidence. Expelling isn’t much of a punishment for that. Rant over.

I wasnt there in the 90s but it did sound like joining the CSU was a last ditch effort to save the school at the time, understandandable based off your description. The CSU doesnt want to put money into a college with just a couple of degrees in engineering and Marine Transportation, which is what the school does well.

When I graduated the president was very clearly outlining the administration’s identity crisis, as the school has both University and Academy in the name now, and depending on who they’ve talking to they emphasize a different title. It appears an academy can not function unless everyone lives on campus and likes to cosplay as the Navy, and a University cant get any money unles they have more majors.

They’re trying to expand the non seafaring majors but still subjecting those students to the dumb stuff folks who understand the value of a license are willing to put up with. And I totally get why retention and attraction are down, why would you subject yourself to expensive shitty food and mediocre, expensive housing for a marine Bilogy degree when you can go to CSU Monterey? You can smoke weed, no one expects you to get up three times a week to watch the flag go up, and you can wear whatever you want, for the same CSU prices. You can get a busines degree anywhere.

The CMA you graduated from in the 90’s likely wouldn’t survive today. Sounds like today’s CSUMA is barely surviving.

Well , in talking about the declining in enrollment at CMA you have to keep in mind that college enrollment nationally is down in most colleges by about 10%. The reason, like the labor shortage, has to do with demographics.

The article below does a great job of explaining the demographic trends. Basically, fewer young people, with less desire to go into debt, and at least in the current job market, less need to do so since many well paid jobs that don’t require a degree are going unfulfilled now.

CMA can make itself more attractive to students. But all colleges will be doing the same thing. At the same time, colleges will be hard pressed to fund improvements because prospective students are already turned off by astronomical tuitions.

Also, like the labor shortage, it is a worldwide phenomenon tied to demographics.

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CMA seems to be on a slightly better trend than CSU Humboldt and SF, however this was posted last semester, and if @RBV127 is right and they’re at 713, that’s should be back in the -35%-45% range given they were at about 1,100 in 2018.

I remember being told “If you don’t like it, you’re free to transfer” by the VP after bringing up basic quality of life concerns, perhaps they are eating their words.