But it is another story

I doubt very much any seamen paints bridge wings like that. I explain more at http://heiwaco.com

Who else here is relieved when @Heiwa crawls out of the tinfoil lined bunker to post on these casualties? Always entertaining.


We’ve got DSD, batterygirl, and afew others. It’s good to see that other countries have their fair share of left-hand-thread metric wingnuts.


I am here since many years - http://heiwaco.com - but I don’t think ship masters paint ships they have sunk (by accident) on the deck houses. Of course, there are plenty alcoholics at sea but they die young.

From heiwaco.com: “So I wasn’t popular with the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish governments. I was officially branded an unintelligent, unreasonable and unscientific idiot by them”

I’m not one to normally agree with government, but hey, sometimes they’re right.

As for the mark on the bridge wing, who said anything about a seaman doing it? I’m a captain and I’d do it, at least for as long as it took the office to notice and demand that it be removed.

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I am sorry to see that you agree with the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish governments 1994/7 about my suggestion that M/S Estonia couldn’t have lost her bow visor 1994 due to going to fast in heavy weather with wave impacts knocking off the bow visor without anyone noticing it. I tested it with my own ropax ferries in very strong weather a little later and when increasing speed in B10 in the Med the first IMPACT of a wave against the bow was heard like being hit by a gun … BANG … very noisy, followed by vibrations and a big SPLASH, etc. No damage to the ship, though. It is very easy to confirm my observations. Just go to sea. But here we discuss a collision. My ships have been subject to them … but it is another story.

Oh dear.